Rose-marie Fernandez, Director, Special Events

"I am proud to be part of CAWEE’s commitment to provide networking opportunities to the diverse community of women in Toronto. This manifests in the Annual Scholarship award given to a final year MBA Schulich student, support to a charity of choice, like FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration), Homeward Bound and Sistering, the recent International Women’s Day event supporting the theme #EachforEqual. These initiatives are important because it matters. I reach out to our members to be resilient and support each other and other women in these times – with love."

Karen Shinn, Downsizing Diva

THANKS for another great CAWEE Virtual meeting! 
Following this morning's meeting, I was inspired to:
  • Offer to host a Roundtable session - "Simplify your home... and your life!"
  • Participate in a CAWEE Member's pilot project.
  • Explore an idea for a unique charity to consider...
  • Learn more about a new training webinar
  • Email the Guest Speaker to tell her what a fabulous presenter she is - entertaining + educational!
  • Extend my time commitment for the June CAWEE meeting to participate in the AGM after!
Not bad for a 90-minute meeting!!



CAWEE is a goldmine of fabulous women who help me in all aspects of my business (and life). At the breakfasts, the people are friendly and energetic and that atmosphere is intimate.



When I first came to CAWEE I knew I’d found my networking ‘home’. Unlike other networking events, the people I spoke to were genuinely interested in my business and how they could help. I have found new clients directly through CAWEE members and through referrals. I’ve also found a remarkable resource to gain knowledge and ideas beyond my area of expertise.



CAWEE was the place where I first “practiced” networking. Now it is so much more to me than just networking – a pool of resources, a group of advisers, a business support group, and a place where I can get business, connect business, refer business, learn business, or just kick back and take some time to talk with other women like me.