Charity of Choice

CAWEE 2018-2020 Charity of Choice

We believe in the power of one that has the potential to grow exponentially!

You are the key to help Project: Restore FIBI truly gain the momentum we need to EFFECTIVELY support, to STRATEGICALLY empower, and to UNWAVERINGLY champion for families impacted by incarceration. DECIDE TODAY to become a donor, a sponsor or a volunteer.

FIBI accepts donations by:

E-transfer to or Cheque or money order mailed to 420 Main Street East, Suite 509, Milton ON L9T 5G3.

Please contact directly for information about Corporate Sponsorship and In-kind donations.

For VOLUNTEER opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to

Aisha Francis, Founder & Executive Director
Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration)
Family Restorative Services Inc.

PROJECT: RESTORE FIBI exists to serve and support families who have a loved one behind bars. We are FAMILY-FOCUSED. This means that our approach centres on the family as a whole and the provision of holistic family services, which are further complemented by one-on-one focused support for individual family members. We believe that if we focus on restoring families then we can transform communities. Therefore, we:

Project: Restore FIBI is there for families through all stages of the Justice process:

  1. Arrest
  2. Judicial Process
  3. Incarceration
  4. Re-entry
  5. Reintegration

  VISION:  Seeing families strengthened, affirmed and included, AGAINST ALL ODDS, for stronger communities and brighter futures

Project: Restore FIBI provides services to facilitate the restoration of families impacted by incarceration.

  MISSION:  Keeping families intact and thriving!

The goal of Project: Restore FIBI is to strengthen the family unit and through those relationships, and increased connectedness, mitigate the negative effects of incarceration. This ‘family-focused, family-first’ approach enables solutions and services that address both direct and indirect interactions with the criminal justice system and interrupt personal, generational, and intergenerational cycles of incarceration and its inevitable impact.



We believe in the undeniable power of family and know that a family-focused approach results in effective and lasting change. Not only that, we strongly believe that every person has a purpose and the potential for greatness. Their own – or a family member’s – mistakes should never be the deciding, or denying, factor for who they can aspire to be and what they can achieve.

Stability sets the stage to rebuild a strong foundation for families impacted by incarceration. Keeping them INTACT and THRIVING is our goal. Making a lasting impact in our communities, beginning in the home, is our firm and uncompromising commitment! Helping families and children overcome their obstacles, through unconditional support and opportunity, is our driving force. We are motivated to see all families impacted by incarceration restored, flourishing, and fulfilling their fullest potential.

If there is anything worth fighting for…IT IS ALWAYS FAMILY…because strong families are the foundation of our communities!