Our Current Affiliates and Benefits of Affiliation


To enable the establishment of relationships that will increase awareness of CAWEE as well as benefit our members through one or more of the following: education, cross networking and business opportunities.
Criteria for Affiliation
In order to be considered for affiliation, your organization must meet the following criteria:
1. Provide services or information that complements or enhances CAWEE
2. Support the programs and policies of CAWEE
3. Focus on relationship building by agreeing to an annual affiliate commitment with CAWEE (automatically renewed each year unless terminated by either party)
4. No associations with multi-level-marketing, political or religious affiliations will be considered

Benefits of Affiliation

Note: CAWEE affiliation does not include nor require membership. However, affiliates do receive preferred rates for CAWEE events when a preferred rate is indicated. We encourage our affiliates to join CAWEE so they can enjoy the benefits membership brings.

Note: The affiliation criteria described above are not the only criteria by which an organization may be judged as to their appropriateness for becoming a CAWEE affiliate. CAWEE retains the final right to determine which organizations will become affiliates. All affiliates are reviewed annually by the Director at Large.

CAWEE may modify this policy at its sole discretion to meet the evolving needs of the program and its members. In the event CAWEE modifies this policy, CAWEE will notify existing affiliates of such changes within 30 calendar days of the change.