Stories Sell! Round Table Event

Date: Wed Oct 21, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM
Location: Virtual, Zoom Online
Dress Code: Casual
Learn a few elements of a good business story
Refine your story for your own business
Understand when and where to share these stories 
Let's sculpt your story to help others understand what you can do for them. Re-imagine your infomercial, case studies or social media to reflect what you really want to say! Once it's aligned, that truth will roll off your tongue! You won't feel like you're "bragging"! You'll be sharing your true story. 
Elizabeth Verwey is the founder of Spoken Lives: Stories Women Share. She knows how to discover a good true story. Elizabeth has also mentored over 1,200 business owners for growth and understands the importance of sharing your truth to work with folks you can help the most.
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Photographs taken at this public event will be used in CAWEE and partner organization print and online publications.