Why You Should Develop Entrepreneurial Thinking

It's the dawn of a new era in which everything is constantly changing. The world is faster, more collaborative, purpose-driven and full of opportunities. The problem is that most of us are playing the new game with an old set of rules and skills, and the phrase “we have always done it this way” can put you out of business over night. In today's increasingly connected world, the tools once used to thrive need to be upgraded. To stay ahead in the new game, you need to be skilled at generating creative ideas, creating smart collaborations, doing more with less, and taking action.

Disruption and The New Workspace

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a significant disruption in the workspace, with many traditional services like in the financial and human resources are outsourced or shift to digital services and BOTS and  even the physical offices are now being replaced by the shared office-spaces.

The introduction of the New-Shared-Economy idea, where access is more important than ownership is a major shift in our way of thinking. The most successful companies these days have no assets, but allow access to services - UBER provides rides but owns no cars; Facebook provides content but writes none; Airbnb provides accommodation but owns no property. Have you considered these changes and how to implement them into your work-space ?

Individuals, teams and entire organizations are looking for better ways of thinking, collaborating and taking action. However, the biggest challenge is how to manage these changes?  How to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive? How to adapt to this new game? Entrepreneurial thinking is the answer. And it’s not just about business, it is the new way of life.

Entrepreneurial Thinking is no longer just about Business

And how do you gain these skills?   by learning how to play the new game of life… and business.

Experiential Learning is the best way to gain Entrepreneurial Skills

Simulation workshops are a part of a rapidly growing movement in the workplace that utilizes simulation and game theory to teach new ways of thinking. Game-based business simulation workshops are highly engaging and highly memorable. Participants learn in a simulated environment, practising their new set of tools and putting their new knowledge into action.

Author Biography

Shlomit Kenigsberg, Ph.D (Biomedical Sciences),  MBA, is a seasoned professional, speaker and master strategist.  She draws upon her two disciplines – science and business, to create engaging, motivating and life-transforming experiences.