Using Creative Professional Images to Tell Your Story

Many of you know the importance of having a professional quality headshot.  But it's more than that - you need images that tell your story and your uniqueness.  These are creative images that are current, authentic, and reflect your vision and brand.

Consider for a moment, if you want to know where to eat, or where to purchase something, what do you do?  You check out the company website to see who works for the company, what they look like, and what the interior looks like.  Therefore, professional images authentically represent you to:

•             Enable potential clients to connect your business with a face

•             Help influence a potential client's first impression and

•             Give your business that personal touch

Given all of the above benefits, instead of using stock images, wouldn't it make more sense to have creative, professional, authentic images that effectively communicate your message and reflect your brand?

A case in point, Jennifer Anderson, otherwise known as “The Everywhere Girl” was very popular in the mid-90s showing up in numerous ads for Visa, Microsoft, the BBC, the U.S. Navy, some colleges and universities.  Pretty awesome for Jennifer, right?  But here's the kicker, she also appeared in ads for rival companies Dell and HP!  Not so good for the competitors who were using the same model.  The point is, do you really want to use the same photos your competitor or anyone else, is using? Although it's an extreme case, the bottom line is that you have no control over the stock imagery you use.

Consider hiring a professional photographer who offers unique and creative solutions to create distinctive images that are authentic to your brand and vision. 

Here's an example of this.  You're a naturopath who wants a lifestyle portraiture session that depicts healthy living.  Your vision includes a kitchen, a bedroom and an office backdrop, but you don't have a place that reflects the look you want. Ah, but you Google photographers and find one who provides a unique solution:  they offer their home to stage exactly what you're looking for!  The shoot is done in their bright white, modern kitchen, the ground floor of the house has been converted to create an office setting, bedroom setup, complete with some yoga images AND they've incorporated your 5 month-old baby in the session!  You are able to use these key images to personalize your website to reflect your values and brand and to tell your story.


Here is a second example.  You are the owner of a yoga studio and want to showcase your uniqueness from every other yoga studio in town.  You ditch the idea of using stock imagery.  Instead you hire a professional photographer to capture creative and candid images of you doing warm-up moves in your beautiful studio, you interacting with your students during the live 8-week teacher training program you offer.  These customized images are used on your website, social media, podcast and on 2 large display monitors at the yoga studio to promote what services are offered and what it's like to be in an actual teacher training class.


So how do you make yourself stand out?  Invest in marketing, invest in yourself.  Forego the stock images, use creative professional images to effectively communicate your message and tell your story.  This will enable prospective clients to connect your business with a face, help influence their first impression and give your business that personal touch.